Chessboard and Backgammon
Woodcarving Backgammon
Woodcarving Chessboard
Chessboard and Backgammon
Woodcarving Backgammon
Woodcarving Chessboard

Woodcarving & Inlaid Backgammon and Chessboard HC-805

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Persian chessboard and Backgammon

Made by Professional Iranian Artists

Size: 19.68 * 19.68 inch (50 * 50 cm)

Weight: 2500 gr

Usage: Entertainment


The art of Khatamkari is one of the most important handicrafts of Isfahan and Iran. Khatam backgammon is one of the inlaid products. Persian Inlaid can be considered as one of the most widely used, most popular, and best-selling handicrafts in Iran. Woodcarving is a way to adorn wood by engraving it with designs. Originally from Iran, this art has been respected and practiced ever since ancient times. Beautiful handcrafted Persian chess game board and pieces, carved from wood.

Important points when buying Woodcarving (Inlaid) Chessboard and Backgammon

The following factors should always be considered when choosing an inlaid chessboard:

  •  The vertebrae are made of bone or oysters.
  •  The material of the inner body of the inlay board is original.
  •  The body material of the board surface is made of oyster or camel bone.
  •  The new models are double-sided and have a chessboard and backgammon.

Art used in Woodcarving Chessboard and Backgammon HC-805

These handicrafts are made with the art of inlay work. Khatamkari is the art of decorating the surface of objects in a mosaic-like way, with small triangles. The various designs of the inlay unique handicrafts are in the form of regular geometric shapes. These geometric shapes are embossed by placing small triangles next to each other. Triangles are made of wood, metal, and bone. “The smaller and finer the triangles, the better the inlay. In an inlay design, at least three triangles are used to make the smallest geometric unit and up to four hundred triangles for the largest.”

persian chessboard handicraft

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19.68 * 19.68 inch (50 * 50 cm)
2500 gr
Backgammon Set
Chess Set
KhatamKari (Wood Inlay)
1 Reviews

I love backgammon ... I bought this item from your website since I love the game. The item is in good condition. I appreciate it.
By Alex on 11/14/2021

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