buy date fruit Ta-1529
date fruit price per grams Ta-1529
Persian date fruits Ta-1529
buy date fruit Ta-1529
date fruit price per grams Ta-1529
Persian date fruits Ta-1529

Dombaz Piarom Date Fruit Ta-1529| 1 kg

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Produced in Iran

Date type: Piarom

Healthy Snack

Calories: 282 cal per 100 gr

Net weight: 1000 grams (2.2 pound)

Overall weight: 1078 grams (2.37 pound)


Piaram date is the fruit of the date palm tree with the scientific name Phoenix-dactylifera L and belongs to the Palmaceae family. Dombaz Piarom Date Fruit Ta-1529 is a commercial and first-class date, considered a particular type of date due to its pleasing appearance, quality, and high nutritional value. Fructose is the primary sugar found in Piaram dates, which can be converted by liver cells into energy.

Benefits of Dombaz Piarom Date Fruit Ta-1529

Piarom Date is Suitable for diabetics

Piaram dates can increase the production and secretion of insulin and have unique properties that can help reduce the amount of glucose absorption from the intestine and control diabetes.

energy producer with Piarom date

Piaram dates contain sugar, essential vitamins, and proteins that help control weight. One kilogram of Pyaram dates has approximately 3000 calories and is enough to meet the human body's needs.

Piarom Date can Protect teeth 

Eating Pyaram dates helps protect and improve the strength of the teeth. This fruit is effective in preventing tooth decay due to its fluoride content.

Prevention of Alzheimer's with Piarom Date 

Regular consumption of dates will be effective in preventing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and is beneficial for health and improving the functioning of the nervous system.

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