Persian truffle Ta-60
date truffle Ta-60
delicious truffle Ta-60
truffle date Ta-60
Persian date Ta-60
Persian truffle Ta-60
date truffle Ta-60
delicious truffle Ta-60
truffle date Ta-60
Persian date Ta-60

Borna Date Truffle Ta-60| 40 pieces pack

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delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran

Produced from the best quality dates

Covered with nut powder

A nutritious snack

The best time to use is up to 12 months after production

40 pieces in a pack

In the package of 600 grams (1.32 pounds)


There must have been times when you experienced a drop in blood pressure in the afternoon or other times when you needed nutritious and sweet food. It is common to see a variety of cakes and biscuits on sale and used by people. However, it is better to use natural and nutritious foods as opposed to factory products. Date truffle is one of the best choices as a nutritious and healthy snack that in addition to a pleasant taste, also has many healing properties.

Borna date truffle detail

Borna Date Truffles are a creative product whose unique design makes dates suitable, delicious, and useful for everyday use and parties alike. Borna Company is one of the top date production companies in Iran.

Date truffles are tasty, attractive, and nutritious for everyone, especially for children. You can give children dates every day to help them grow and prosper. The appearance of these dates may be deceiving to children. This reception date is in a very new and attractive shape, and by decorating it with sesame, walnut, peanut, etc., it has enhanced its nutritional value.Borna truffle date

Benefits of Borna date truffle

Dates contain vitamin K, which is a blood clot and plays a key role in your body's metabolism. Do not forget to eat dates daily to have healthy bones and prevent damage to them. Dates are rich in copper, magnesium, selenium, and manganese, and by eating them daily, you can easily maintain the health of your bones and prevent the occurrence or even progression of osteoporosis.


Store in a cool dry place at a temperature below 15 degrees.

What makes CyrusCrafts different? 

With an excellent infrastructure background, professional and specialized activities in the field of sales and exports of superior vintage and modern Iranian products, CyrusCrafts™  is now proud to offer the most original and interesting decorative items along with customer support, customer after-sales service, in a responsible manner.

15.5 × 15 cm
600 grams (1.32 pounds)
sweet, gift, desert
1 Reviews

The amount of product was low.
By Devi.Ma on 10/31/2021

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