Hand Carved Silver Earrings with Pearls on Top AC-769

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Width: 2 cm

Height: 5 cm

Weight: 3.5 g

Material: Silver

Artist: Khoirshid Joulaee & Alireza Zaheeri


These stud earrings are made of silver, all by the hands of artisans. Embellished with lovely synthetic pearls, being shaped in a magnificent form, a combination of various geometric shapes has made them very special among earrings. Simple geometric shapes are always trendy everywhere.

More about silver earrings AC-769 shapes

The most down part of the earring is like a kite, and the most up part is like a circle. With the kite, a rhombus, we get a geometric shape that evokes the notion of liveliness, while the circle symbolizes femininity. Rhombuses are symbols of vitality, energy, and dynamism, while circles are a symbol of protection, femininity, and infinity. And having a combination of these shapes in different ways can create entirely new meanings.

But you may like to use shapes to give your style extra vitality, making it stand out and look more spectacular. If so, geometric patterns and these earrings might be for you.


Some may not feel as comfortable wearing stud earrings as they do with other types of earrings. Stud earrings mostly suit better formal situations like parties, ceremonies, dating, and similar occasions.

They are not earrings you can find in other online shops, so without a doubt, these are very special, buy them for yourself or have someone buy them for you! Or buy them for someone as a gift they never forget about.

Why CyrusCrafts™?

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Our signature is providing Originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a safe buying and delivery experience.

3.5 g
Target Gender
Womens clothing
1 Reviews

Really liked the design but should've noticed that it is too long for me thus not quite comfortable
By Samantha Jackson on 10/31/2021

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