What is Persian nougat Ta-1003
Buy Persian nougat Ta-1003
What is Persian nougat Ta-1003
Buy Persian nougat Ta-1003

Antique Pistachio Gaz Candy Ta-1003| 40% pistachio

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Produced in Iran

Gaz type: pistachios Gaz

Packaged in wooden boxes

Healthy sweet

16 pieces in a pack


We offer you an Antique Pistachio Gaz Candy Ta-1003 if you are looking for a sweet in a luxury package. Its unique wooden box design makes it an ideal souvenir and gift. One of the best-tasting and best-quality Gaz, containing almost half (40%) pistachios.

Antique Pistachio Gaz Candy Ta-1003 detail

The product is primarily made from honey and 40% from first-class pistachios. When you eat this nougat, you'll feel a delicate sweetness. This product is made with pistachios, honey, glucose syrup, egg whites, and sugar. Every year, 13,000 tourists travel to Isfahan to buy Gaz candy made from honey and pistachios.

Properties of Antique Pistachio Gaz Candy Ta-1003

This sweet has antioxidant properties due to its vitamins A, C, E, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Hence, it strengthens the immune system and protects the body against various diseases, especially multiple cancers. Relieving anxiety and stress is another benefit of turmeric, and useful for pregnant women. Gaz makes the skin and hair beautiful and fresh; this sweet has antibiotic properties, eliminating infections in the body.

Sugar, egg whites, cardamom, rose and various nuts
Gaz Gift Box
Pistachio Gaz
Antique Gaz
1 Reviews

happy I tried these!!!
By Deborah on 06/27/2022

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