Shiraz Hand-woven Wool Gabbeh Rc-204 full view
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Shiraz Hand-woven Wool Gabbeh Rc-204 side view
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Shiraz Hand-woven Wool Gabbeh Rc-204 full view
Shiraz Hand-woven Wool Gabbeh Rc-204 zoom in
Shiraz Hand-woven Wool Gabbeh Rc-204 side view

Shiraz Hand-woven 5'X6' Wool Green Gabbeh RC-727

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Shiraz handmade Gabbeh

Excellent quality and design

Traditional dyeing with natural materials

Length: 6' 7.44" (202 cm) / Width: 5' 5.28" (166 cm)

Density: 20 raj (knot per 7 cm)

Note: The raj is a unit for measuring the quality of the carpet, which shows the density of the number of carpet knots in the dimensions of 7 cm. the higher the density, the more exquisite the carpet will be.


Gabbeh rugs are like paintings using simple elements and abstract concepts. Because this green rug originated from the weaver's mind, there was no other similar Gabbeh, and this has made each Gabbeh unique and the beauty of this work of art.

Hand-woven 5'X6' Wool Green Gabbeh RC-727 in interior decoration

Due to its beauty and originality, this Shiraz Hand-woven Wool Green Gabbeh RC-727 carpet can be used in different parts of a house to complete its interior decoration. The striking beauty and long feathers of this Gabbeh have made it more used in the living area and in front of sofas or in front of the fireplace.

If you are also interested in traditional Iranian carpets, you can give originality to your home space by using the beautiful designs of Gabbeh rugs.

handmade wool gabbeh Rc-204

Is it better to buy machine-made Gabbeh or hand-woven Gabbeh?

It is clear that the product that is original and hand-woven is more valuable and over time it becomes magnificent artwork and can also be used as a carpet. But since Gabbeh weaving is very difficult and due to the use of natural sheep wool, its cost price is expensive for customers. The buyer's go-to machine Gabbeh Rugs has a lower price.

Nowadays, due to the reduction of weavers and the difficulty of weaving hand-made Gabbeh rugs and their high cost, the fans of this type of carpets have turned to machine-made Gabbeh carpets so that they can prepare beautiful carpets in their desired design, color and size, and use them in their home space. However, machine Gabbeh rugs do not have the elegance and quality of exquisite hand-woven and traditional Gabbeh rugs at all. Now you have to see what your priority is to buy.

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~ 5' x 7' (150cm x 210cm)
Medium Rugs
Knot Density (Raj / KPSI)
20 Raj (~ 52 KPSI)
Home Decoration
City of Origin
Shiraz, Fars, Iran
1 Reviews

poor quality, barely had it a day and already there is little black fibers all over the place.
By Henry on 11/01/2021

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