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Machine-woven Area Carpet Rc-217 full view
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Machine-woven Area Carpet Rc-217 details

Machine-woven 4'X7' Grey Area Carpet RC-782

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Machine-woven carpet RC-782

Exceptional quality and very high density

Length: 7' 4.56" (225 cm) / Width: 4' 11.04" (150 cm)

Transverse density: 1250 shaneh

Note: The number of weft yarns per meter of carpet length is called the longitudinal density. The number of knots per square meter of the carpet's width is called the transverse density. The higher the transverse and longitudinal density of the carpet, the more durable the carpet is.


This 4'X7' machine-woven grey area carpet RC-782 is woven with a density of over 1200 combs and has extraordinary quality. It can also be used in living rooms, bedrooms, etc. due to its suitable dimensions and beautiful design and color.

About heat-set carpets like this carpet RC-782

  1. In this area carpet, due to the improvement of fiber quality, carpet fluff is greatly reduced, and this can reduce the occurrence of possible allergies.

  2. The ends of the yarns in the carpet woven with heat-set yarn are completely marked as grains and are called pomegranate seeds.

  3. It's super soft when you put your feet on it, you will feel so relaxed as someone gives a massage to your feet.

  4. This yarn becomes bulkier and thicker. Carpets woven with heat-set yarns have better coverage and look fuller if the texture density is the same.
  5. The heat-set process increases the strength of the yarn and therefore the yarn rupture in the weaving process is reduced. This can increase the quality and durability of the final product.

  6. Heat-set yarns are more resistant to dust absorption and contamination than ordinary yarns. Certainly, this will have a great impact on the health and hygiene of the carpet.

  7. In carpets that are woven with heat yarn, the carpet underwear becomes monotone and the pattern and design of the carpet are more prominent.

  8. In heat-set yarns, the ability to absorb dye is increased and for this reason, the possibility of dye reduction after washing is minimized.
  9. Heat-set yarns make this gray carpet more resistant to heat.

machine woven area rug Rc-217

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~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
Medium Rugs
1250 shaneh
Home Decoration
Weaving Type
Diba Carpet
1 Reviews

El material emite mucha electricidad por lo que no es de nuestro agrado
By Marcos C. on 11/06/2021

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