Handmade Bronze Jewelry Box HC-1222

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Fully Handmade Jewelry Box

Size: 10 * 7 CM

Material: Metal, Bronze

Usage: Home Decorative Accents | Decorative Boxes | Storage & Organizer

Engraving is the art of engraving patterns on metal objects. Engraving products, usually made of metals such as copper, brass, silver, and bronze, are one of the most original handicrafts with many fans worldwide.

Handmade Bronze Jewelry Box HC-1222

The necessary point for this handmade bronze jewelry box HC-1222 is that the infrastructure of this beautiful box is entirely bronze.

Engraving, especially face engraving on bronze, is very difficult and time-consuming due to its very high strength, but the result is gorgeous and unique.
Persian handmade bronze jewelry box

What makes this engraved jewelry box unique?

  • Made from bronz
  • Fully handmade
  • Worthless handicraft
  • Stunning design
  • Great gift idea for women and girls for all occasions

How to make an engraved jewelry box?

Art in which elegance, precision, and patience are the most important requirements. The method of working in the art of engraving is that first, the engraver draws the design to be executed with a pencil on a metal surface. In the next step, the inside or outside of the work is filled with molten bitumen, and after the bitumen has hardened, they start to execute the plan using a hammer and a pen. Pouring bitumen is not tilt the container or break it due to hammer and pen blows. There are different types of pens, and they are made in different shapes based on the design and method of work. Master artisans usually make the brushes they use based on the type of need they have. Flat copper or brass utensils or plates are the most common grounds for engraving and are sometimes covered with silver or tin glaze.

10 * 7 CM
Home Decorative Accents | Decorative Boxes | Storage & Organizer
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