Minakari Pot (Full View)
Beautiful Minakari vase (Holding)
Beautiful Minakari Pot (Upper View)
Beautiful Minakari Pot (Lower View)
Minakari Pot (Full View)
Beautiful Minakari vase (Holding)
Beautiful Minakari Pot (Upper View)
Beautiful Minakari Pot (Lower View)

Decorative Persian Minakari Vase HC-206

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Home Decorative Minakari Vase

Size: 6.2 inch (16 cm)

Material: Copper

Color: Blue

Usage: Home / Home-office / office Decorative

Artistic Iranian minakari pot HC-206

Minakari Pot can give an original effect to your home decoration. Such Minakari Pots, which are the manifestation of traditional arts, have decorative aspects. You can put this Minakari Pot handmade crafts in a showcase or on a small table and make the atmosphere of the house more attractive.

Decorative, minakari Pot, despite its delicate and fragile appearance, is very strong and durable; Because it has a copper body. Minakari, is an art that dates back to thousands of years ago, originates from Isfahan, and has a special place among those interested in traditional arts.
The more value of Minakari is due to the laborious process during which the product is produced. This enamel/minakari vase is about 6.2 inches (16 cm) high and 100 grams in weight. Moreover the price of minakari pot HC-206 is well calculated and much lower than other stores.

Minakari vase (Description)

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6.2 inch (16 cm)
1 Reviews

makes my home office greatful...
It has a good design and makes my home office greatful...... Its design is stylish, but at the time of delivery, its edges were crooked.

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