Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41 fv
Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41 SV
Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41 Zi
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Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41 fv
Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41 SV
Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41 Zi

Persian Hand Engraved Vase HC-41

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Persian Handgraved Vase

Size: Max Diameter: 12 cm / Min Diameter: 12 cm / Height: 20

Material: Copper

Weight: 460 gr

Toreutics is the art of carving superb designs on various metals such as copper, brass, silver, and gold. Isfahan is the main center for engraving.

Persian Metal Embossed Vase HC-41 Low Price

The artistic copper engraving work of this course made by the artists is the glorious and undeniable indication of the Previous metal handicrafts of Iran and Isfahan, in particular. The historical discoveries belonging to the ancient times as the Sassanian (700AD), the Seljuk—(100 AD), and the Safavid (1600 AD) dynasties indicate a few of the outstanding metal work periods. Resuming this art is due to the diligent attempts of the Late Master Mohammad Oraizi and the Late Master Mohammad Taghi Zufan during the past eighty years, which has been led to creating tens of outstanding and distinguished metal engravings on the one hand and training the new generation on the other, and Producing golden and silver- like goblets and materials of some metals as nickel silver and Copper in particular.

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inch (20*12*12 cm)
460 gr
1 Reviews

larger size
80 / 5000 Translation results Is this vase also produced in a larger size? For example, with a height of 50 or 70 cm?

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