Persian Unique Inlaid/Khatamkari Chessboard HC-513

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Khatamkari on Wood

Made by Iranian artists

Size: 50*50 cm

Material: Wood

Color: Brown

Chess is a sport in which two players compete using a square board and a number of pieces. 

Buy Persian Inlay Handcrafted Chessboard HC-513

During the match, each player tries to move his pieces on the chessboard to endanger the opponent's king piece. This Khatamkari/Inlaid Chessboard contains 64 cells of the same size, and each chess player has 16 pieces, one of which is the “king”. The Persian chessboard is a handcrafted object by professional Iranian artists. This original Iranian art has always been considered from the past to the present.

khatam chessboard

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19.68 * 19.68 inch (50*50 cm)
1 Reviews

I recommend buying it to everyone
This product is more than just a hobby, it is a work of art. It has a really beautiful design. I recommend buying it to everyone.

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