Original mountain honey Ta-385
high-quality mountain honey Ta-385
Original mountain honey Ta-385
high-quality mountain honey Ta-385

Mountain Local Honey Ta-385| 1 kg pack

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran (Fras province)

Natural and raw honey

With Oliveria decumbens

In the package of 1 kg (2.2 pounds)


Mountain Local honey Ta-385 detail

Mountain honey is one of the special and aromatic honey and the method of harvesting Mountain Local Honey Ta-385 is raw and at a temperature of fewer than 45 degrees Celsius in order to preserve the enzymes and beneficial properties of honey.

Mountain Local honey due to its significant amounts of thymol as well as low humidity and high osmotic pressure and acidity, which is one of the properties of all honey, stops the activities of infectious agents and microbes.

mountain local honey Ta-385

All honey, especially mountain honey, is very useful for patients who have undergone surgery in two ways:

First, help them heal quickly, and secondly, because patients who can't chew food should consume fluids, and honey is one of the substances that can be easily dissolved in water, can be used as a nutritious food for the patient.

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CyrusCrafts™ by an excellent infrastructure background, and professional and specialized activity in the field of sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian goods to different parts of the world, is now proud to offer you the most peculiar and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Support Customers and after-sales service, responsibly.

500-1000 grams (1.1-2.2 pounds)
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