Natural Honey of Forty Plants Ta-169
Natural Honey of Forty Plants Ta-169

Natural Honey of Forty Plants Ta-169| 1 kg

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Produced in Iran (North Khorasan)

Natural honey

Forty plants

Sucrose: 2%

Consumable for diabetics


About Natural Honey of Forty Plants Ta-169

The Natural Honey of Forty Plants Ta-169 is composed of the nectar of the flowers of medicinal plants such as chamomile and thyme, and therefore this type of honey, in addition to its healing properties, also absorbs the healing properties of medicinal plants and has greater potential for treating diseases and physical disorders.

Ahoota honey of forty plants is raw honey and has higher levels of enzymes and flavoring compounds than hot honey, and there is no risk of other compounds being altered by heat.

Natural Honey of Forty Plants Ta-169

Honey has numerous properties, among the thousands of properties that can help treat asthma, cough, and sore throat, strengthen the body's energy, help with insomnia and improve skin problems.

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500-1000 grams (1.1-2.2 pounds)
1 Reviews

I buy this for my mom because it's raw and unfiltered.
By Klaudia on 10/31/2021

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