Cheshmeh Noor Table Lamp MT2740/B
Bronze Table Lamp model MT2740/B
Cheshmeh Noor Table Lamp MT2740/B
Bronze Table Lamp model MT2740/B

Table Lamp Bronze color MT2740/B


Weight: 5 kilogram

Size: 23.62* 11.81* 11.81 inches

Body Material: Brass

Color: Bronze

Wire Length: 59.05

Unique Bronze color Desk Lamp ID-286

These days, in any home where design and decor are important, you can find a table lamp as an attractive home design element. If you want to illuminate only a limited space of the table and the room, it is better to use a table lamp and of course with a lampshade to get the maximum light. buy online with fast delivery is an easy way to have this luxury decorative product in your house.

material of Desk lamp ID-286

The base material of this table lamp is brass and its body color has bronze plating.

table and desk lamp

Exposure rate

The MT2740 light source table lamp is designed and made based on the idea of creating secondary and focused light in modern or classic spaces. In designing the desk lamp of Cheshmeh Noor MT2740 model, small but very important technical points have been considered.
The use of a quality E27 type headlamp, the exact distance of the headlamp from the shed, the long length of the wire, and the use of quality on/off switch are among these important points. To Cheshmeh Noor desk lamps, LED lamps with an E27 base can be provided, which are completely suitable in terms of exposure.



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23.62* 11.81* 11.81 inches
House, Bedroom, Hall
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