Handmade Turquoise Ring for Women AC-1611

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Material: Silver & Gold

Weight: 20 gr

Stone: Turquoise

Color: Blue, Golden, and Silver

Target Gender: Women


The handmade Persian turquoise ring for women AC-1611 is made of silver, turquoise stone, and gold plating. You can order this ring according to your finger size.

Handmade Turquoise Ring for Women AC-1611 Details

The turquoise Persian ring for women is handmade in the shape of a flower with gold and silver leaves and is decorated with Nishapur turquoise stone. Of course, gold plating is used for the golden color to have color stability and does not lose its color during long time use.

About the turquoise stone: Since ancient times, Iranians have and still use the turquoise stone to make decorative accessories and jewelry. Turquoise jewelry has a special place among people since it is believed that turquoise stone keeps bad things away and protects people from evil.

Maintenance of turquoise stone: heat, direct sunlight, cologne, cosmetics, and detergents destroy the color of turquoise stone. Therefore, wash this stone with water so you can use this woman's ring for years.


Matching Style with Turquoise Persian Ring for Women AC-1611

The turquoise ring is made in a vintage style and modeled after royal rings, so it matches classic royal, vintage, and modern styles. Of course, you should use appropriate colors for the beauty of your style and choose golden, green, pink, blue, navy, and cream colors.

A turquoise ring is a good choice for formal parties, weddings, and important celebrations. Of course, you should match this ring with handmade jewelry and accessories.

In addition, the turquoise ring is an ideal choice for a Mother's Day gift because its design is vintage and unique, and you can make your mother happy.

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20 gr
Target Gender
Womens jewelry
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