sky blue small bowl minakari
turquoise blue small bowl minakari
minakari small bowls
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sky blue small bowl minakari
turquoise blue small bowl minakari
minakari small bowls

Small Bowl, Minakari Design HC-1907

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Material: Copper

Diameter: 6.5 cm

Height: 3.5 cm

Comes in Two Optional Colors: Turquoise and Sky Blue

Glazed Painting

Dishwasher Safe

100% Handmade

As they Are Handmade, Each Item Is One of a Kind.


Here are handmade small bowls designed with Minakari art, the technique of glaze painting miniature motifs on copper or ceramic. These miniature bowls are perfect for the Haft Seen ceremony, the New Year celebration of ancient Persia.

small bowls with Minakari design

Minakari Design Small Bowls Review

Here is a brief review of the Mina Kari small bowls in more detail:

Technique: Mina Kari is a precise technique of painting Persian miniature motifs on pottery or metal surfaces in order to decorate them.

Colors: Blue is one of the most frequently used tones in the Mina art. In this product, you can see two primary shades of blue: Turquoise and Sky blue. Also, the details of the painting are painted with other colors like Brown, White, Green, and Persian Blue.

Usage: These pretty tiny bowls are perfect for use as Haft-Seen elements, pistachio bowls, Candy Dish, and so on. With their unique design, they are also ideal as a decorative bowl or a component of a centerpiece.

What you just studied was a brief review of the small bowls of HC-1907 product. You can visit our other Persian handicrafts on the website and enjoy the spiritual effects of art. It is so easy to shop on this international antique store website. You only need to fill out the order form or text us on WhatsApp.

Haft Seen
Minakari (Enamel)
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