silk tablecloth Persian termeh
silk Persian termeh tablecloth
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silk tablecloth Persian termeh
silk Persian termeh tablecloth

Silk Tablecloth: Persian Termeh HC-1904

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Material: Silk

Dimensions: 95*95 cm

Color: Multicolor in Sky Blue, Ivory, and Persian Orange

Machine wash Safe

100% Handmade


It is a handwoven square blue silk Persian Termeh tablecloth. You can use it for dining tables, and desks, coffee tables, and even working or studying desks. Termeh tablecloths are handmade Iranian fabrics decorated with miniature Persian motifs, such as paisley, flowers, birds, etc.

Persian silk termeh tablecloth

Silk Tablecloth: Persian Termeh HC-1904's Properties

Here are some details about the properties of the HC-1904 Persian Termeh ilk tablecloth:

Color Combination: The background's main hue is sky blue, close to light turquoise. The motifs are outlined in black and painted in ivory and Persian orange.

Material: The upper layer's material is 100% pure silk. Moreover, to be more sturdy, the artisan has sewed a layer of satin on the backward layer.

Usages: It is not an ordinary tablecloth; you can use this piece of art to decorate any surface in an interior design. For example, it is an amazing desk ornament, a fantastic layer of centerpiece, and tableware.

You just studied all the information you needed before buying the silk termeh tablecloth. Now, you can order it and enjoy the beauty of this masterpiece by filling out the order form or messaging us on WhatsApp.
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