Women's Turquoise Necklace AC-1601

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Material: Silver & Turquoise 

Weight: 10 gr

Rock: Turquoise 

Color: Silver


Women's turquoise necklace AC-1601 is handmade with silver materials, Neyshabur turquoise stone and gold plating, which can be ordered with a ring or individually.

Details of women's turquoise necklace AC-1601

The women's turquoise necklace AC-1601 is designed with a woman's face pattern, decorated with gold-plated flowers on the woman's head and handmade with Neishabur turquoise stone.

Features of turquoise stone: Iranians used turquoise stone to make ornaments in the past because they believed it kept people away from bad events and fulfilled wishes. For this reason, turquoise jewelry is popular in Iran.

Maintenance of turquoise jewelry: you should not put the turquoise stone in direct sunlight and heat, cologne and cosmetics will damage turquoise stone, and you should only use water for washing so that your turquoise jewelry will not change colour for years. Long usable, and beautiful.

Matching style with women's turquoise necklace AC-1601

The turquoise necklace is made in a modern style, which can be used with modern, classic and casual styles, and you can match this necklace with modern jewelry and accessories. Of course, to choose the colour of clothes and accessories, use brown, cream, green, white, grey, blue, yellow and gold colours to have a unique style.

Women's turquoise necklace is suitable for use at parties, romantic dates and special art events. Of course, due to the positive energy of the turquoise stone and the modern design, you can use it at work or university, but be sure to use jewelry that matches the necklace.

In Cyruscrafts online store, you can order women's turquoise necklace and ring set at the best price so that we can send them to America and Canada in the shortest time.

10 gr
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