Turquoise Angel Necklace AC-1608

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Material: Silver & Turquoise 

Weight: 25 gr

Rock: Turquoise 

Color: Silver


The turquoise angel necklace AC-1608 is made with silver materials and Iranian turquoise stone. This necklace is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world, which is handmade and made with quality Iranian materials.

Turquoise angel necklace AC-1608 details

The turquoise angel necklace AC-1608 is made with the design of a silver angel with open wings, and an authentic Iranian turquoise stone is placed on the angel's body.

The design of an angel with open wings symbolizes peace and security in the world, which conveys the feeling of being protected by angels. Therefore, angel designs are used in jewelry.

About the turquoise stone: This stone has been used for making accessories in the past in Iran, and there are many turquoise jewels from different eras in Iranian museums because people believe that turquoise keeps evil away from people and gives them a feeling of strength. Therefore, they use this stone in accessories and even dishes.

Maintenance of turquoise stone: direct sunlight, detergents, cologne, cosmetics, and heat destroy the color of turquoise, and you should only use water to wash it. Proper storage allows you to use turquoise jewelry for many years without changing its color.

Matching style with angel necklace AC-1608 

Angel necklace is made with classic style, which can be used with vintage, classic, minimal, and casual styles. Of course, you should use the right color palette in your style; gold, cream, blue and white colors make your style unique.

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25 gr
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