Handmade Jewel Silk Rug Silver Necklace AC-840

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Width: 5 cm

Height: 5 cm

Material: 925 silver, rug (silk & wool)

Chain length: 40 cm

Note: Jewelrugs are handmade and each has just one of them. However, you can order another one similar to it.


The stunning pendant before your eyes is made of silver 925 and decorated with a handwoven Persian rug. This is better to be called a piece of art than just a necklace with a handwoven rug on it with a very eye-catching plan. If you are f Persian rugs and carpets fan, then you are just on the right page; I highly recommend purchasing jewelry pieces with rugs since they are made just in one edition. Jewelrugs are crafted in an eco-friendly way with recyclable materials with minimum waste. Art lovers love the environment as well!

If you have a dear one who loves rugs, it's an excellent opportunity to make them happy by giving them the Jewelrug necklace AC-840 as an unforgettable gift.

Persian rug on the necklace AC-840

Handwoven Persian carpets are lovely to whoever has seen one of those in their life. Iranian priceless silk rugs and carpets are renowned all over the world. Handwoven carpets are separately made using a vertical loom, and symmetric knots in small dimensions for the jewel rug's's's's unique accessories. On necklace AC-840, you can see a handwoven rug made of silk warps and a mix of silk and wool wefts. Admirable traditional Persian Rugs inspire the motifs.


Maintenance of the jewelry AC-840

The Necklace AC-840 is made of silver, silk, and wool substances. You need to know that steam water and chemicals such as strong detergents may harm the silver and silk rugs. If you need to clean the rug, do not worry; make a mild mix of water and soap and wipe the rug with a soft cloth and the mixture.

Why CyrusCrafts™?

The CyrusCraftsTM company, with an excellent infrastructure background and professional and focused activity in vintage and modern Iranian goods sales and export to different countries, now offers you unique and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, customer support, and aftercare services.

We present originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a sense of a safe buying and delivery process.

5*5 cm
12.4 g
4 mm
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