SAEDINIA Truffle Chocolate Ta-1705  117 grams
SAEDINIA Truffle Chocolate
SAEDINIA Truffle Chocolate Ta-1705  117 grams
SAEDINIA Truffle Chocolate

SAEDINIA Truffle Chocolate Ta-1705 | 117 grams

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Produced in Iran 

Size: 14.5*14.5 cm

In the package of 117 grams (‌4.12 ounces)

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, dry whole milk natural vanilla


Truffle chocolates are among the most captivating handmade chocolate varieties. These artisanal chocolates are highly attractive and popular globally, both in terms of taste and appearance, capable of surprising any chocolate enthusiast. The beauty and precision in selecting the finest fillings for these chocolates are competitive skills of any chocolate artisan worldwide.

About SAEDINIA Truffle Chocolate Ta-1705 | 117 grams

These chocolates are diverse, combining ganaches (a mixture of chocolate and cream) with the kernels of nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts. Another type of filling, or the content inside the chocolates, includes ganaches with natural flavors such as black tea, green tea, coffee, vanilla, pure caramel, salted caramel, mint, and a combination of chocolate ganache with various fruits such as orange, mango, banana, strawberry, passion fruit, lemon, and coconut.

These Persian Sweets assortments make the best and easiest way to surprise and delight those you care about. This product, with its attractive and shiny colored chocolates that captivate every eye and more enticing flavors satisfying every palate, invites you to a feast of color and taste. You can choose Truffle chocolates according to your preference in cardboard boxes or luxurious wooden boxes of four, nine, sixteen, and thirty-two pieces.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts gourmet shop offers high-quality Persian delicacies, including some of the finest chocolates and candies globally. Our dedicated expertise in preparation, sales, and export ensures you can indulge in a delightful and exclusive taste experience. CyrusCrafts is ready to provide the needs of the people who live in the Middle East, the United States, and Canada.

14.5*14.5 cm
117 gr
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