SAEDINIA Chocolate Ta-1706
SAEDINIA Chocolate
SAEDINIA Chocolate Ta-1706
SAEDINIA Chocolate

SAEDINIA Chocolate Ta-1706 | 80 grams

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25 pieces of chocolates

flavors: Milk Hazelnut, White Strawberry, Milk Pistachio, White Mulberry

Ingredients: Natural Vanilla, Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, hazelnut paste, pistachio, dried strawberry

Weight: 80 grams


Some days, you've done many things you want to treat yourself: a good dinner, a hot coffee, or even an enticing chocolate. "Mazeh Chocolate" can be that alluring gift, introducing you to delightful colors and flavors of chocolates with unique shapes and eye-catching appearances. This set of 25 chocolates, including (Milk Hazelnut, White Strawberry, Milk Pistachio, White Mulberry, and 70% Dark), is a comprehensive collection for all chocolate enthusiasts, from white and milk to Dark.

About SAEDINIA Chocolate Ta-1706

This delicious Persian sweet, with attractive colored chocolates that captivate every eye and more enticing flavors that satisfy every palate, invites you to a feast of color and taste. If you want to discover a new and quality chocolate flavor, this product can be an ideal choice alongside tea for entertaining at your gatherings and social events. You can buy wholesale chocolate with the best price and quality from CyrusCrafts gourmet shop. This online store is ready to provide the needs of people in the Middle East, the United States, and Canada.

Benefits of cocoa for the body:

1. Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants, helping the health of teeth, bones, skin, and hair.

2. Consuming cocoa helps balance nitric oxide levels, potentially reducing high blood pressure.

3. Regular cocoa consumption can improve heart function and reduce the risk of heart-related issues.

4. Cocoa is an energizer and a potent antidepressant for the body.

5. Abundant in flavonols, cocoa positively impacts individuals with type 2 diabetes.

6. Cocoa exhibits preventive properties against various types of cancers.

7. It aids in holding body weight and prevents avoided weight gain.

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