Dark Chocolate  with Strawberry Ta-1708
Dark Chocolate  with Strawberry
Dark Chocolate  with Strawberry Ta-1708
Dark Chocolate  with Strawberry

SAEDINIA Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Ta-1708 | 100 grams

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Weight: 100 grams

Packaging Size: 27*10.5

Expiration date: 6 months

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla 


There are moments when energy diminishes amid work and daily challenges. That precise moment is when indulging in fruit or chocolate becomes revitalizing. With a blend of the genuine taste of dark chocolate and a coating of "strawberry" fruit, this Persian chocolate is so energizing and invigorating that it can fully restore our lost excitement and energy during challenging workdays. 

About SAEDINIA Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Ta-1708

The flavor of fruits is universally appealing, making the addition of fruit flavors the most enticing way to introduce a new taste to chocolate. Naturally, it attracts more people and creates a new experience for dark chocolate enthusiasts. For those who have not yet experienced dark chocolate or haven't had a positive experience with it, dark chocolate with strawberries provides a new opportunity for them to taste dark chocolate with a better feeling. Strawberries are rich in vitamins and nutrients and have numerous therapeutic properties. They contain abundant antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins.

Benefits of Dark Chocolates for the body:

Beyond its delectable flavor, dark chocolate helps heart health by improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure. Its mood-boosting properties, attributed to the inspiration of endorphin production, offer a delightful treat for both the palate and the spirit. Remember, enjoying dark chocolate in moderation allows you to savor its benefits without compromising your health goals. If you're looking for quality dark chocolate flavored with exciting fruits, try this Chocolate with Strawberries. The magical combination of chocolate's pure scent and taste with strawberries has created a product you can confidently consider a gift without risk.

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