healthy sweet  Ta-70
delicious desert Ta-70
Persian desert Ta-70
healthy sweet  Ta-70
delicious desert Ta-70
Persian desert Ta-70

Fig and Walnut Masghati Ta-70| 400 gram

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Produced in Iran

With fig and walnut kernels

Healthy sweet and desert

25 pieces in a pack

Net weight: 400 grams (14.10 ounce)

Overall weight: 416 grams (14.67 ounce)


Masghati with fig and walnut feature

Figs, walnuts, and starch is the compound that makes this delicious dish. This creative combination has been marketed by the Shigvar brand in Masghati with fig and walnut. The color of these small rectangles is cream and it is covered with powder. Every 30 grams of Shigvar has 101.46 kcal of energy, 1.74 g of fat, 19.19 g of carbohydrates, 12.63 g of sugar, and 0.9 g of protein. Masghati is a delicious sweet that you can use at your parties.

Masghati is actually a traditional pastry that has a unique taste among other sweets. Masghati is actually a combination of saffron, rose, nuts such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. Due to the presence of these compounds, this sweet can be a good substitute for sugar so that you can drink it with your tea or coffee.

The high energy of this dish due to the presence of starch makes it a perfect snack. Muscat figs and walnuts can be enjoyed with your tea or coffee and enjoy its pleasant taste.


Masghati benefits

Muscat is rich in a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals, and due to its saffron has a calming and memory-enhancing effect. Muscat causes a lot of energy in people. Also, if different brains are used in it, its energy will be different accordingly. Muscat has a warm nature and because it uses a variety of nuts, saffron, rose and cardamom, it has a high nutritional value and by eating it, a lot of calories are created in the body.

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26.5 × 18 × 7 cm
400 gram (14.10 ounce)
sweet, desert
1 Reviews

A very tonic snack
By Silvia on 10/31/2021

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