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Persian 4x7 Wool Area Isfahan Rug RC-2140

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Ivory and Blue | Red

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Shah Abbasi

Size: 4'9" by 7'3" | 121 cm by 213 cm

City of Origin: Isfahan

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


This Persian Isfahan rug is made of 100% wool by the artistry of weavers trained in this area through generations. This handwoven rug has dense knots with distinctive and intricate designs, showcasing the sophisticated artisans. The hem of this rug has been precisely reconstructed. The first type of this antique rug dates back to the 19th century. 

Designs and Patterns of Persian Isfahan Rug RC-2140

Persian Isfahan rugs are typically designed symmetrically, giving a great sense of harmony when you see them. They usually feature medallions in the central part surrounded by flora elements and predominantly curvilinear shapes to make them eye-catching. These patterns often depict the hand-knotting art of the people of the region. 

Quality and Durability of Persian Isfahan Rug RC-2140

These Persia 4x7 rugs are often durable due to their features, such as their foundation, which is made of cotton using a unique method of weaving handed down through generations. This sturdy base makes them a rigid frame to construct the rest of the warp and weft. Because of the craftsmanship and quality, these woven rugs usually can last for years when properly cared for. Another characteristic that results in enduring charm and accent to any space is the high-dense knotted pile, which makes them appealing to most rug collectors worldwide.  

The Persian Isfahan Rug RC-2140 in Toronto 

At CyrusCrsfts, we offer a wide range of Persian Isfahan carpet sizes and styles at competitive prices. You can make an online purchase or contact us through WhatsApp. Ask questions to ensure your desired item's availability beforehand. You will get your product in Toronto, Ontario. 

Persian Rugs in Toronto

Area Rugs in Toronto

~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
City of Origin
Isfahan, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion Plain (Open Field)
Shah Abbasi
Store Location
2 Reviews

It is nice and its backing is grippy but I wanted a super soft and fluffy one. I thought it was a bit more cuddly. However, I like it.
By Angel on 07/02/2024

My heavy dog could run easily at home because I found out that this rug is not slippery and I feel relaxed about my dog! And I washed it once I think the materials are great.
By Robertiiii on 07/01/2024

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