Barhos Pistachio Syrup Ta-1853
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Barhos Pistachio Syrup Ta-1853

Barhos Pistachio Syrup Ta-1853 | 1 L

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Volume: 1 L

Package Information: Bottle

No Additives, Organic

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Pistachio syrup is a delicious and healthy product made from pistachios. It is a natural fiber source packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Due to its rich pistachio flavor, this syrup is an excellent addition to various foods and beverages.

Barhos Pistachio Syrup Ta-1853 | 1 L

Adding this syrup enhances the taste of your dishes and improves the overall experience of consuming them. You can also use Barhos pistachio syrup in desserts, pastries, bread, and hot and cold drinks. Pistachio syrup is an excellent alternative to sugar in cooking due to its unique nutritional qualities and distinctive flavor. Barhos syrup is crafted from fresh, high-quality pistachios, and the production process preserves their nutritious properties. This pistachio syrup is perfect for any of your gourmet beverage creations

Why CyrusCrafts?

When buying pistachio syrup, its freshness and organic are essential. CyrusCrafts gourmet shop has been active since 2018 and is a resource for many Iranian goods, such as Iranian premium pistachio products. Our company aims to offer pistachio products with the highest quality and freshness at the best prices for our customers. 

Barhos pistachio syrup is among the most delicious and high-quality Iranian pistachio syrups, and you can add it to your cart right now. You can also visit our website's pistachio category for all pistachio products and descriptions. Feel free to message us on WhatsApp or contact our customer service if you have any questions. To do so, click on the WhatsApp icon.

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