premium Powdered Pistachio Ta-847
Powdered Pistachio Ta-847
premium Powdered Pistachio Ta-847
Powdered Pistachio Ta-847

High-quality Powdered Pistachio Ta-847

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Produced in Iran 

Delicious, tonic and energizing

Tonic snack for children and young people

Suitable for use in sweets and desserts 

In the package of 450 grams (15.87 ounce) and 1 kg (35.27 ounce)



Pistachios is one of the richest edible nuts with amazing health benefits. Rafsanjan is thePistachio capital of the world, and one of the pistachio products of RafsanjanIs High-quality Powdered Pistachio Ta-847.

Everything About Powdered Pistachio Ta-847

Pistachio powder is a unique, tasty, and nutritious snack with many nutrients and is rich in minerals due to the presence of green pistachio kernels, which is very important. The use of powdered pistachio also has extraordinary properties. You can use this product in sweets and desserts and create a more pleasant taste.

Properties of Powdered Pistachio Ta-847

  • Strengthens eyesight and vision because Pistachio kernel compounds contain coronoids, so it strengthens eyesight.
  • Pistachio powder is joyful.
  • Pistachio powder has a high amount of iron mineral and effectively relieves dizziness and lethargy. Pistachio powder is a delicious, energizing, and soothing snack. Due to all the nutrients and high nutritional value, it is a natural energy source.
  • Also, due to the presence of iron in this food, it helps to treat anemia in people.
  •  This product is also very useful for preventing osteoporosis in middle age.
  • Strengthening the immune system is another property of pistachio powder due to the presence of vitamins and minerals.

Powdered pistachio price Ta-847

How to maintenance Powdered Pistachio Ta-847

Due to the presence of fat in pistachio kernels, pistachio powder is sensitive to heat and its flavor may change. So store pistachio powder in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

Why CyrusCrafts?

The latest transfer processes, combined with CyrusCrafts's expertise in exporting the best quality vintage and modern Iranian products worldwide, as well as support from Customer Support and after-sales service, make CyrusCrafts™ unique.

Pistachio by type
Semi-Long (Ahmad Aghaei)
Pistachio by Weight
0 to 2 kg
1 Reviews

By Anna Hill on 04/04/2022

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