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Persian Zanjan 4x7 Handwoven Wool Red Rug RC-2012

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Red | Cream, Black

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Herati

Dimensions: 4'4" by 6'7" | 137 cm by 207 cm

City of Origin: Zanjan

Knot Density (Raj / KPSI):-


The Persian Zanjan rugs, hailing from the city of Zanjan in the northwest region of Iran, are not just rugs but a testament to the area's rich heritage and craftsmanship. They are prized for their exquisite designs and high-quality materials and for their profound cultural significance, a feature shared by other rugs from the distinctive regions of Iran.  

The Material of Persian Zanjan Rugs RC-2012

These Persian woven rugs are made utilizing high-quality wool sourced from sheep as a natural and rigid first material. These Persian handwoven rugs are made meticulously, considering details that have been passed down through the generations, which contributes to their durability.

The most common materials in the use of weaving for this 4x7 Persian rug are wool and cotton which frame the foundation. This choice between wool and cotton typically relies on different options like being available and also the craved feature of the product. The wool used in forming these Persian rugs is cherished for its resilience and also capable of holding opulent colours, which makes it in demand among rug collectors and enthusiasts. 

The Vibrant Colors of Persian Handmade Rugs

The natural pigments used for colouring these woven rugs, derived from plants or insects, contribute to their unique appeal and enduring preciousness. This, combined with the characteristics of primary-coloured materials, allows these Persian rugs to exhibit timeless beauty over time. Whether as stunning accents in a decorative setting or as functional pieces, these rugs are designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences, making them a versatile addition to any space. 

The Persian Zanjan Rug RC-2012 in Toronto 

A thorough description of the Persian Zanjan carpet is available, and you can make an online purchase or order on WhatsApp; however, watch out to ask about the availability of the item before placing your order. Delivery to your location in Toronto or Ontario is available.

Persian Rugs in Toronto

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~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
Medium Rugs
City of Origin
Zanjan, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Geometric Medallion Plain
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