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Persian Handwoven wool Red Runner Rug RC-2011

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Multicolor | Cream, Blue, and Black

Pattern(s): Felora Allover

Motif: Herati 

Size:2'6" by 9'9" | 80 cm by 304 cm

City of Origin: Sarouk, Arak

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


The Persian Sarouk rugs stand as a focal point of rug and carpet among oriental rugs, regarded for aesthetic beauty, intricate designs, enduring appeal, and longevity which makes them interesting for both functional and decorative settings. These Persian rugs are originally from the Sarouk region in western Iran, incorporating history, culture, and artistry in every knot.   

The Texture of Persian Red Runner handmade Rug RC-2011

The timeless elegance of Persian Sarouk rugs is noted due to some features that make it an exquisite masterpiece. A defining feature that makes these woven rugs increase in value is the lush pile and dense knotting, achieved by precise weaving on vertical looms. High-quality wool and also natural rich hues create luxurious texture and timeless beauty for these Persian rugs. 

Cultural Significance of Persian Wool Runner Rug RC-2011

Like other kinds of Persian carpets, this Persian Arak rug boasts a rich history that dates back many years. These handwoven rugs bear the imprint of local customs, beliefs, and artistic influences, incorporating unique motifs and intricate designs. Due to symbolism, Sarouk rugs showcase enduring symbols of regional identity.

Beyond their alluring charm, Persian Sarouk rugs were considered symbols of wealth, prestige, and social status, which carry layers of meaning, adorning any spaces through which they are held. Nowadays, these red rugs keep up with their treasure and are cherished as a symbol of tradition and heritage.

The Persian Sarouk Rug RC-2011 in Toronto

There is detailed information about the Persian Sarouk rug. You can order online or through WhatsApp, however, make sure to inquire before placing your order. It'll be available in Ontario, and Toronto, and your rug will be delivered to your location.

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Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Allover
2 Reviews

thin and useful for me I wanted it for my hallway and it doesn’t slip at all unexpectedly!
By Dominic on 06/26/2024

This carpet really meets my needs I just wanted a carpet for the outdoor space to have gatherings sometimes It is perfectly nice and comfortable. But 4 stars because it delivered a bit later than I arranged.
By Kevin on 06/24/2024
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