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Machine made Silk Kashan Persian Round Rug RC-2300

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Material(s): Silk | Cotton

Weave Type: Machine Made

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Blue | Beige 

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Gul

Dimension: 5'0" | 152 cm 

City of Origin: Kashan

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


Like other kinds of Kashan rugs, this Persian round rug is renowned for its intricate design and high quality.  The primary material used to make this rug is high-quality silk, which makes these round rugs sought after worldwide. These Kashan circle rugs are typically prized for their elaborate and detailed design. It carries layers of cultural meanings, reflecting the long history of the Iranian people in the region of Kashan. 

Patterns of Machine made Persian Round Rug RC-2300

The most prominent element in the appearance of this blue rug is the central medallion, which stands out using the contrasts of colours. This made carpet features a complex and symmetrical design using geometric shapes and a multi-layer border, creating a sense of sophistication. The smaller motifs are executed in the border, which is included in the design of the Kashan round rug. These patterns are characterized in Kashan rugs. There, you can see a main border that is more expansive than the guard borders, which include simpler flowers and motifs.

Structure and Material of Persian Round Rug RC-2300 

This rug is finished with fringes around its circumference. The fringes are traditional and common in Iranian rugs. Another significant factor is high knot density, which results in a detailed design, as seen in this circle carpet. The primary material of this rug is high-quality silk, which makes this floor covering durable and long-lasting. The traditional motifs and vibrant colours, coupled with meticulous patterns, contribute to the distinctive character of this round machine made rug

The Persian Kashan Persian Round Rug RC-2300 in Toronto 

There is a detailed and complete piece of information about the Kashan Persian round rug offered by CyrusCrafts, which has a long reputation for trading luxury and high-quality products. You can place your order online or via WhatsApp, and then receive your desired item at your location in Toronto, Ontario. But make sure your product is available beforehand. 

round rug

Iranian carpet

area rug

City of Origin
Kashan, Iran
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion Plain (Open Field)
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