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Machine made Silk Cream Kashan Persian Round Rug RC-2301

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Material(s): Silk | Cotton

Weave Type: Machine Made

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Beige | Cream

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Rosette

Dimension: 5'0" | 150 

City of Origin: Kashan

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


This Kashan round rug features traditional and classical patterns through which geometrical and floral elements are intertwined, making aesthetic appeal to the viewers. This beige rug is primarily due to the high-quality silk as the primary material used to make this circular Persian carpet. Thanks to the intricate design and the execution of classical patterns, along with the historical heritage reflected in this precious rug, it's sought after among people all around the world.    

Patterns of Machine made Kashan Round Rug RC-2301

This circular Kashan carpet includes concentric borders surrounding the main central medallion. Although the medallion implemented in the central part of this machine-made rug is small, it stands out in the field. It can be because of the nude and light colour or the simple background design. The innermost circle of the design is dark, and the surrounding elements are petal shapes placed around the circle. Each layer of the borders is designed with detailed floral patterns, vines, and tiny shapes, adding complexity to the appearance of this Kashan rug. Around the central medallion, there are quarter small medallions that are pendants on the inner side of the circle, adding symmetry to the whole design. 

History of Machine made Persian Kashan Round Rug RC-2301

The machine made rugs reflect revolution in the rug industry in Kashan city. This region is famous for handwoven carpets. The start of creating machine made round rugs in the central area of Iran, Kashan, dates back to the 20th century. During that era, technology was improved, and the demand for advanced products grew fast. As the technology of rug weaving was industrialized and spread globally, this method of rug-making became expected and liked by most people. 

 The Kashan Persian Round Rug RC-2301 in Toronto 

It is detailed information on the Kashan round rug and other luxury and high-quality products by Cyruscrafts. You can make an online purchase or use WhatsApp. Before completing your order, it is better to check if your desired item is available. Our service center is ready to respond to you. It will be delivered to your location in Toronto, Ontario.  

round rug

Persian rug

area rug

City of Origin
Kashan, Iran
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion Plain (Open Field)
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