Buy Persian Saffron Ta-1122
price of Saffron Ta-1122
Buy Persian Saffron Ta-1122
price of Saffron Ta-1122

Bahraman real Saffron Ta-1122| 1 gram pack

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Produced in Iran

high rate of coloring

Having a distinctive aroma

In the package of 1 gram (0.03 ounce)


There is a special place for saffron among many people as a fragrance, food coloring, and medicine. As a gift to your friends, Bahraman Real Saffron Ta-1122 is the best choice. This product smells and tastes wonderful and is the best saffron to buy.

Bahraman real Saffron Ta-1122 detail

The Bahraman saffron is one of the best in Iran because it has unmatched flavor and color. Saffron is perfect for all your cooking needs, such as golden rice, paella, risotto, golden milk, and teas. This product adds color and aroma to your food. The packaging of this product is done in factories that comply with all health regulations.

Properties of Bahraman real Saffron Ta-1122

In modern and ancient medical science, saffron was widely used for its many properties. Some properties of saffron include the following:

  • Improve vision
  • Strengthen sexual power
  • Treatment of depression and neurological disorders
  • Treatment of fatty liver
  • It improves skin and rejuvenates it
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • cancer treatment

Eating three grams of saffron per person per month in your food is very healthy and beneficial, and consuming more than 5 grams per month is harmful. But consuming 5 grams in a meal can lead to death. It also causes side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and decreased heart rate.

0 to 5 gr
1 Reviews

I used it to make a yellow Spanish rice it really enhance the flavor of the rice.
By Cara on 06/26/2022

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