Tavakoli Saffron 23 Gram Pack
Tavakoli Saffron Ta-1788
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Tavakoli Saffron 23 Gram Pack
Tavakoli Saffron Ta-1788

Tavakoli Saffron Ta-1788 | 23 Gram Pack

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Retail & Wholesale 

Produced in Iran 

Premium Grade A+ Saffron

No Additives. Organic

In the package of 23 grams (0.81 ounces)

Guarantee of product quality and authenticity


Tavakoli Saffron is available to customers in various packaging options tailored to cater to diverse tastes.

Why to buy the Tavakoli Saffron 23 Gram Pack?

Tavakoli is the best saffron brand in Iran, attracting a large customer base worldwide by offering high-quality and grade-A saffron. The finest type of saffron has been used in this product. The authentic pack contains 23 grams of saffron, meeting the highest standards in terms of flavor and color. This pack is suitable for gifts, souvenirs, and presents. Using this packaging type has also elevated the quality of saffron preservation, minimizing potential damage. The product is presented in a Termeh canister within a luxury box. Using a khatam kari in the product's packaging makes it a highly suitable option for a souvenir or gift, particularly appealing to those who appreciate simplicity and beauty.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts gourmet shop will provide you with premium saffron in retail and wholesale as part of its specialized activity in preparing, selling, and exporting so that you can have an excellent and one-of-a-kind taste and serve your guests uniquely and differently.

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