rustic earthen table lamp
rustic grey table lamp
rustic earthen table lamp - details
rustic ivory table lamp
rustic ivory table lamp - details
rustic earthen table lamp
rustic grey table lamp
rustic earthen table lamp - details
rustic ivory table lamp
rustic ivory table lamp - details

Rustic Pottery Table Lamp ID-1016

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Body Material: Poetry

Shade Material: Polyester

Body Color: Antique Cream

Shade Color: Cream

Height: 50 cm

Easy to clean


This rustic-luxe table lamp is made by poetry artists all by hand. The raw material of poetry is clay, so this lamp's color is something between ivory and tan. You can order this product in any size that you'd like.
rustic earthen table lamp

What is a Rustic Design?

You must have heard about the rustic style and design, which are trending. In this essay, we want to study the definition of rustic style or rustic design.

The "Rustic" word stands for anything with an aged, rough, plain, simple, or even damaged appearance. Rustics are related to the countryside, rural regions, farms, gardens, and nature.

How does a rustic-styled staff look?

The rustic-styled looks dusty, shapeless, and old, even if it is new. It means that rustics don't seem fresh. In a rustic design, straight lines or accurate details are not necessary. There is no splendor in a rustic style, every element comes in its natural shape in a rustic design, and You won't see any regularity in a rustic design. 

What are the colors of rustic designs?

A rustic designer uses natural and pale colors the most. rustic colors family members are green, khaki, ivory, antique white, tan, beige, rust, taupe, brown, cream, grey, mesa, raisin, and so on. The nude colors are being used in a rustic design too. As you understood, the rustic colors have no shine and are not gilding or neon-like.

What are the rustic elements?

Anything that comes from nature could be used as a rustic design element. Rustic designers often use Wood, Clay, Ceramic, Natural fabrics, and Stone as rustic elements in their designs. The woods and stones could be carved or be used simply in their natural shape.

Is Rustic a style in interior design

Yes, of course, the rustic style is one of the most popular styles in today's interior design and architecture. If you design your place with rustic upholstery and furniture such as rustic lighting appliances, you have a Rustic-styled interior design.

In the Cyruscrafts collection, we have collected many artwork products for you to design your home or office as you desire. It would be our pleasure to have your ideas in the Review section of each product.

50 cm
1 Reviews

I just love it
By V. Greenwood on 05/29/2022

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