Persian orange bedside lamp
Persian blue bedside lamp
handmade green ceramic bedside lamp
Persian pink bedside lamp
Persian orange bedside lamp
Persian blue bedside lamp
handmade green ceramic bedside lamp
Persian pink bedside lamp

Bedside Lamp In Four Colors ID-1335

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Body Material: Ceramic (Clay)

Shade Material: Polyester

Color: Optional (Green, Persian Blue, Persian Pink, Persian Orange) 

Shade Color: Optional (White, Red, Blue, Green)

Height: 67 cm

Shade Diameter: 30 cm

Completely Washable


The bedside lamp in front of you can be a night lamp for the bedroom or a table lamp for the living room. Generally, this table lamp could be for any interior design style, including a home, office, hotel, restaurant, etc. This table lamp is handmade, and it is the artwork of Iranian pottery and ceramic artists. In this article, we are going to talk briefly about the details of the design and color of this unique bedroom lamp. Stay with us.
Persian orange ceramic bedside lamp

Properties of Bedside Lamp ID-1335

  • Colors: These beautiful ceramic bedside lamps are painted with Iranian stoving paints and baked inside ceramic ovens. Therefore they have very high durability and longevity. The colors used to paint these beautiful table lamps are four excellent colors, three of which are known in the world as the original Iranian colors: Persian Blue color, Persian Pink color, Persian Orange color, and finally, green color. As mentioned, the three colors named with the Persian prefix are the original Iranian colors that have been used in the arts and handicrafts of Iran since ancient times.
  • Painting: The design painted on this unique bedside lamp is known by the ancient name "flower and bird." Flower and bird is the name of a style of ancient Iranian painting in which patterns in the form of flowers and birds are used. Flowers and birds can be considered one of the original and oldest Iranian painting styles. So we can say that this table lamp is a perfect example of luxurious and exquisite Iranian handicrafts that no country in the world can produce something like it.

The text you read was a brief description of the design of the Iranian ceramic table lamp. You can see our other artistic products on the website and order each with the assurance that it has the best price in the world. Our partners in the USA and Canada will deliver your orders to your door as soon as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can raise them in the Review section so that the CyrusCrafts support team can respond.

67*30 cm
Persian Blue
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

Such a lovely bedside light
By Mitra on 07/19/2022

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