Handmade Blue Rug for Wall
Handmade Rug for Wall
blue silk wall rug - details
Handmade Blue Rug for Wall
Handmade Rug for Wall
blue silk wall rug - details

Handmade Blue Rug for Wall AG-1498

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Dimensions:: 89 x 56 (cm)

Border Dimensions: 111*79 (cm)

Origin: Qom

Foundation/Material: Silk

Border Color: Golden

Weave: 100% Hand Woven

KPSI: 80

One of a Kind

Completely Washable


The blue wall rug you see is a unique carpet of which there is only one in the whole world. In Iran, many handwoven wall rugs are one of a kind, like this beautiful rug for wall. There are many unique handwoven wall rugs in the collection of Cyrus carpets.
blue silk wall rug

Awesome Blue Rug for Wall

In this article, we intend to introduce it by discussing all the details of this magnificent artwork, So stay with us.

  • Design: In general, Iranian carpets have long had characteristics classifying them. One of these features is the design of Iranian carpets. The blue wall rug AG-1498 has a pattern of birds. Iranian mythological birds are gathered together in the form of an Iranian miniature painting to form the beautiful design of this handwoven silk wall carpet.
  • Color: More than 200 colors of silk thread exist in this handwoven carpet, and the primary color of this wall rug is Persian blue. You can see the Persian Blue article in the website's articles section to learn more about this eye-catching color. After Persian Blue, the beige, light blue, and pink colors are in this beautiful handwoven carpet. Still, due to the golden color of the frame of this unique wall carpet, this panel is very suitable for golden interior decoration.
  • Durability: Are you familiar with the process of weaving a carpet? Carpet weavers weave a carpet by tying millions of knots, and these knots form the final image of the carpet, like the pixels of a photo. The coherence of these knots makes each handwoven carpet last for hundreds of years. In addition, using silk as the thread of this product, the longevity and durability of the Persian blue silk wall rug in front of you is several times that of woven carpets without silk thread. Therefore, it is better to know that buying any unique handwoven carpet, especially a silk wall rug, will save a fortune for your descendants.

This passage contains all that every customer needs to know before buying a unique wall carpet. You can now place your order with complete information. Don't forget that CyrusCrafts has provided you with other wall decoration works and wall carpets in its online art gallery. You can help us serve you better by expressing your valuable comments in the review section.

Material AG
Knot Density (Raj / KPSI)
2 Reviews

It is just wow!
By Noa on 12/18/2022

I've never seen such a fantastic handmade wall rug.
By Jacob on 10/24/2022

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