Wall Hanging Rug
Wall Hanging Rug on Wall
Wall Hanging Rug - details
rug for wall
handmade wall hangings - details
Wall Hanging Rug
Wall Hanging Rug on Wall
Wall Hanging Rug - details
rug for wall
handmade wall hangings - details

Wall Hanging Rug with Persian Miniature Pattern AG-1500

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Dimensions:: 150 x 100 (cm)

Border Dimensions: 170*120 (cm)

Origin: Tabriz

Foundation/Material: Silk

Border Color: Cinereous

Weave: 100% Hand Woven

KPSI: 60

One of a Kind

Completely Washable


The unique handwoven wall rug you see is one of the most valuable artworks created by CyrusCrafts carpet weaving artists team. This magnificent artwork has many details that show the ancient history of Iranian civilization. In this article, we will introduce the design of this unique handwoven wall carpet, one of the best in the collection of Iranian wall carpets.

handmade wall hangings

Handwoven Persian Rug for Wall

  • Several Persian kings' pictures are on this wall rug, including Darius the Great, Cyrus the Great, Xerxes the King, and Kyumerth, known as the world's first king in legends several other Persian kings. You may ask how the designer of this wall rug knew what these kings looked like. The answer to this question is straightforward, in the ancient works discovered by archaeologists, there are petroglyphs in which the artists of ancient Iran carved the images of the kings of their time. Also, the wall paintings of Persepolis contain the image of the Great Cyrus. In addition to these petroglyphs, some ancient Iranian miniature paintings contain images of some Iranian kings.
  • Along with images of famous kings from ancient Iran, this beautiful wall carpet depicts historical monuments, including Persepolis, Cyrus the Great's tomb, thirty-three bridges, Hafez's tomb, and so on.
  • In addition to kings, you can see other people in this handwoven tapestry's design, which illustrates ancient Iranian culture and civilization. As you can see, in ancient Iran, women were always involved in running the country's affairs alongside the kings. They had an influential role in the history of Iran. Furthermore, observing the clothes of the people in this picture, it is evident that fashion has always had a special place in the eyes of Iranians. The ancient Iranians were skilled designers of beautiful clothes.
  • In addition to all the images of kings, people, and historical monuments, the designer of this magnificent artwork has used miniature painting techniques and decorated his beautiful wall rug with kinds of flowers. One can stare at this rug on the wall for several hours and understand many details by watching it.

The most important details of the AG-1500 handmade wall carpet were what you read. You can see other CyrusCrafts wall rugs in the online art gallery and order from anyone you like. Remember that seeing your messages in the Review section is our pleasure. We can improve our products by knowing your opinions about them.

150*100 cm
Material AG
Knot Density (Raj / KPSI)
2 Reviews

This wall rug is amazing.
By Sarah on 08/23/2022

It is perfect
By Mahsa on 08/15/2022

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