Persian-rice Ta-69
Persian-rice Ta-69

Taghipoor Special Rice Ta-69| 10 kg pack

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Produced in Iran

Special white rice

Irrigated by river water

Long-grain rice

In the package of 10 kg (22.04 pound)

Rice is one of the staple foods of half the world's population, providing at least 20 percent of a person's daily energy. White rice is the most widely used type of rice and has important properties and benefits. 

About special rice

Special rice is grown in climates with very specific characteristics. Pests are extremely low in these areas because of the low temperature and the cold climate. Due to this, the farmer sprays only once or not at all during planting and harvesting rice. 

Another feature of this rice is that it is irrigated by river water. This makes the rice taste very different from other rice.

Its unique aroma and taste, excellent cooking abilities, and long grain make it excellent rice.

Benefits of rice consumption

Consumption of whole grains or grains (such as brown rice) is very important and useful for postmenopausal women who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other symptoms of heart disease.

Rice is very useful for people with severe malnutrition.

Consumption of rice lowers blood triglycerides and lowers blood pressure.

Rice increases insulin resistance and is very useful for diabetics.         

special taghipoor rice Ta-69

Rice storage method         

The rice should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Because moisture and heat as well as the sun are the best factors for the growth and multiplication of rice pests and reduces the shelf life of rice.

Try to place the bags 20 to 25 cm above the ground. In this way, this product is safe from animals such as mice, as well as the famous pest of rice, which is an insect. Do not lean the rice bags against the wall and keep them at a distance of about 5 cm from the wall so that air can flow between the rice bags. Store rice in cotton bags. This is because the cotton bag retains some of the moisture in the rice and increases the shelf life of the rice, but the plastic bag retains the moisture in the rice and causes pests.

53 X 35 X 10 cm
10 kg (22.04 pound)
1 Reviews

this rice is special and delicious

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