persian rice recipe Ta-1512
buy rice Ta-1512
organic rice Ta-1512
persian rice recipe Ta-1512
buy rice Ta-1512
organic rice Ta-1512

Golestan Organic Rice Ta-1512| 900 grams

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran

Rice type: Tarem rice 

grain size : whole grain

Organic rice 

Calories: 130 Cal per 100 gr

In the package of 900 grams (31.74 ounce)


Organic rice has gained popularity due to its natural cultivation methods and health benefits. Enjoy the natural goodness and superior quality of organic rice with every meal.

Golestan Organic Rice Ta-1512| 900 grams

Tarem rice is one of the popular types of Iranian rice in the market known for its superior quality and excellent aroma and taste. This rice comes from the best farms in the country and is produced with high standards in cultivation, harvesting, and packaging processes. Each grain of this rice carries freshness and an authentic taste, making any dish prepared with it delicious and flavorful. The Golestan brand, one of the best Iranian rice brands, offers 900 grams of Tarem rice in this packaging to customers. You can purchase this product with the best quality and price from our company.

Why CyrusCrafts?

When buying rice, the most important factors to consider are quality, type of rice, aroma, and flavor. You should also ensure that the rice grains you choose are intact and without breakage. CyrusCrafts gourmet shop offers top-quality Iranian products, including premium-grade rice. Our company aims to provide rice products with the highest quality and freshness at the best prices for customers.

This product has tasty and premium Iranian rice. You can buy it with the best price with just one click. Also, you can check our website's rice categories for all types of rice products with different weights and qualities. If you need help, you can message us on WhatsApp or contact our customer services. Just click on the WhatsApp icon for this purpose.

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