Persian organic rice Ta-87
organic rice online shop Ta-87
Persian organic rice Ta-87
organic rice online shop Ta-87

Taghipoor Organic Rice Ta-87| 10 kg pack

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Produced in Iran (Mazandaran)

High-quality organic rice

with excellent cooking

In the package of 10 kg (22.04 pound)

Taghipoor organic rice detail

Organic rice is rice that is grown, planted, harvested, packaged, and processed without the use of chemical pesticides. Organic foods, or non-GMO foods, are foods that are produced from plants that grow in harmony with the natural system, without the use of any pesticides or herbicides.

Organic rice is the healthiest type of rice. This rice is not produced with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and the plants are grown only naturally, without genetic modification. There is a reason why organic rice in Mazandaran is so healthy, high quality, and has many beneficial properties.

This high-quality rice is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; these essential nutrients help maintain and strengthen the health of bones, cardiovascular, muscular, and immune, and nervous systems. The enjoyment of a meal crafted from organic rice can be a very memorable experience for the entire family and for all of the guests. This delicious rice is very well cooked and has an incredible aroma.

taghipoor organic rice Ta-87

A method of identifying quality rice

Rub a little rice between your palms and then add it. If it is fragrant, you will smell it. The aroma of rice is one of the important options in its quality.

 A better way is to taste the rice to understand its aroma. High-quality rice often tastes almost sweeter and you will feel more starch in it.

53 X 35 X 10 cm
10 kg (22.04 pound)
1 Reviews

About four or five times a week, I make rice for dishes that remind me of Asian food. When I think of rice, this is one of my go-to brands.

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