brass samovar set and tea set
bicolor brass tea set
bicolor brass samovar set
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brass samovar set and tea set
bicolor brass tea set
bicolor brass samovar set

Brass Samovar and Tea Set HC-1750

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Material: Brass

Coating Material: Silver & Copper

Color: Silver & Copper

Dishwasher Safe

100% Handmade

Includes: A Samovar, a Tea Pot, a Bowl, a Tray, a Pitcher, 6 Tea Cups, a Candy Pot, and a Round Tea Tray

Each Item Is One of a Kind.


The incredible set that you are visiting is fully made up of brass with toreutics artisans' hands. You are able to make the perfect cup of tea every single time with this set of equipment. Ranging from 0 to 100, you'll be able to brew the tea just the way you like it and serve it to your guests with confidence.

brass samovar and tea set

The Brass Samovar and Tea Set Review

The HC-1750 brass samovar and tea service set is a complete product that we can briefly review as follows:

  • Particles: The set includes a samovar that boils water for making tea, a teapot, a pitcher, a bowl, a tray for organizing, and a tea serving set including six cups, a round tea tray, and a candy container.
  • Materials: The base of all items is brass. The creator has engraved the brass objects with toreutics techniques and then coated them with thin layers of brass and silver.
  • Design: The motifs used in this toreutics method are Bote-jeghe, Persian paisley, and floral miniature. The artist has finally painted the outcome with teeny layers of silver and copper to obtain a bicolor design.

It was a brief review of the samovar and tea set HC-1750. You can visit CyrusCrafts, an international antique store, products on the website, and order any item you would like as easily as pie. To set an order for a product, all you need to do is fill out its respective order form. Once you mention your country, we will calculate the shipping or cargo costs and inform you about it. After that, you can proceed to check out and wait for us to deliver your orders right to your doorstep. The delivery time is typically quick for countries in the Middle East, Canada, and the United States of America.

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