turquoise inlaid tea set for two
turquoise inlaid tea cup for two
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turquoise inlaid tea set for two
turquoise inlaid tea cup for two

Turquoise Inlaid Tea Set for Two HC-1812

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Material: Copper, Turquoise Stone

Color: Copper, Turquoise Blue

Tea Tray Dimensions: 15*32 cm

Tea Cup Height: 12 cm

100% Handmade

Includes: Two Tea Cups, a Lidded Candy Bowl, and a Tray

And you can order more of each item.

As the Product Is Completely Handmade, Each Item Is One-of-a-Kind.


The turquoise inlaid tea set for two people is an attractive combination of handicrafts, such as turquoise inlaying, toreutics, and copper hammering, covered with a polyester coating.
This tea service set for two people, with a height of 12 cups, including a glass cup inside each cup, and a tray of 32 x 15 cm, can double the pleasure of drinking beverages. The two-person copper and turquoise tea serving set can be a memorable gift or a unique tableware for drinking tea with friends.

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Turquoise Inlaid Tea Set for Two Features

Turquoise inlaid products are among the most gorgeous, colorful, and adorable handicrafts. This industry is prevalent among Persians, and many customers buy these products for practical uses and decoration. The turquoise tea set is among the most popular and best-selling handmade products.
Imagine the stunning color of tea placed next to turquoise blue and fiery copper; how much it can make a simple tea attractive and pleasant. Beautiful Iran is full of handicrafts, which are all the art of the hands and minds of capable and creative artisans. These handicrafts are seen in traditional and modern houses and give a satisfying feeling to people. This turquoise handmade tea service set in your interior design will create a warm and comforting sense.
The turquoise tea service is a product that stands out even when you don't use it practically. It can be only on your table as a decorative object. The turquoise stone blue is very relaxing, and these turquoise inlaid dishes at home are handy and practical for resting your soul.

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