Handwoven Termeh Table Cloth (Cachemire) HC-906 fv
Handwoven Termeh Table Cloth (Cachemire) HC-906 zi
Hand-woven Art Silk Termeh Tablecloth | Cachemire Silk Cloth
Handwoven Termeh Table Cloth (Cachemire) HC-906 fv
Handwoven Termeh Table Cloth (Cachemire) HC-906 zi
Hand-woven Art Silk Termeh Tablecloth | Cachemire Silk Cloth

Handwoven Silk Termeh Tablecloth (Cachemire) HC-906

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Size: 100x100 cm

Materials: Art Silk

Patterns: Square

Product: Iranian Handicrafts

Application: Home Decor


This handwoven silk Termeh tablecloth (Cachemire) HC-906 has a square brick design that makes it a classic part of any house. Isfahan's cashmere sewing is regarded as being of such high quality that it can be termed as an export commodity of high quality. Depending on the type of fabric and the number of colors in the fabric, the price of the original Termeh/cashmere varies. With its identity card, this beautiful Termeh/Cachemire cloth is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Viscose yarn (rayon) is used to hand-weave Art Silk Termeh Table Cloth (Cachemire) HC-906. This is a 100 x 100 cm cashmere tablecloth. A few centimeters may be subtracted from the dimensions of the desktop due to the lining. We suggest that if you are serious about cashmere weaving and are searching for the best brand of Termeh, you purchase this absolutely unique tablecloth.

In addition to washing with water if needed, Handmade Silk Termeh Table Cloth (Cachemire) HC-906 can also be washed with dry cleaning fluid. A laundry with experience can take care of the work more efficiently. A cashmere tablecloth has a modest price, and it is usually given as a gift in addition to personal use.

Handwoven Silk Termeh Tablecloth (Cachemire) HC-906 Usages

The living space is more aesthetically pleasing when cashmere is used. In ancient times, Termeh was used for many purposes, including making costly and royal clothing, curtains, robes, and much more. Nowadays, Termeh is used for table cloths, sofa fabric, and pillow covers. Whether you are shopping for a wedding gift, a holiday gift, or a favorite souvenir, cashmere products make great gifts.

In the past, Termeh was regarded as a sign of wealth, power, and social class. Only aristocratic families used Termeh, and the upper class used it in curtains.

The Price of Handwoven Silk Termeh Tablecloth HC-906

You can expect to pay a high price for this particular type of textile if you are looking for a Termeh tablecloth. Hand Woven Termeh tablecloth uses silk and wool as opposed to fleece and is, therefore, more expensive and primarily a luxury item. It's not as cheap to purchase a Termeh product, but here at CyrusCrafts Online Store, we have hand-selected some of the best hand-woven Termeh tablecloths at unbelievably low prices and with the best quality!

What do you think about this absolutely unique Termeh tablecloth?

100x100 cm
Silk Thread
Isfahan, Iran
Home Decoration
Table Cloth
1 Reviews

Handwoven silk termeh tablecloth is perfect. If I want to say something after high-quality silk termeh, I point to the combination of the colors. They are much beautiful.
By Violet on 07/16/2022

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