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Handmade Modern Engraving Candy Bowl HC-1286

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Extraordinary Handicraft Candy Bow

Height: 15 CM

Diameter Opening: 28 CM

Technique: Modern Engraving

Usage: Home | Decorative | Candy Bowl

Hand engraving means engraving with the diamond. The golden color of copper in the handicraft black enamel field has given this product a special effect and has made it one of the most popular copper products.

Combining copper material with the art of modern engraving means a valuable product in terms of material and form.

This product is a large candy bowl that stands out firmly under the light of a lamp. Beautiful design and artistic engraving have given a special effect to this product. This work is the product of the hands of artist masters.

This work of art can be used as a luxurious gift for special people or in the home showcase as a decoration as well as a practical way to entertain guests.

Production stages of Handmade Modern Engraving Candy Bowl

The production stages of this stunning product include the following:

  • Bending and production of the desired container
  • Furnace color
  • Design the desired design on the container with a pen
  • Engraving 
  • Multi-layer polyester to preserve color

The steps mentioned above are the general steps of producing a hand engraving dish, and it should be noted that there are more detailed steps in between.

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Height: 15 CM | Diameter Opening: 28 CM
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