Toreutics Flower & Bird On Vase
Flower & Bird On Vase available in Canada
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Toreutics Flower & Bird On Vase
Flower & Bird On Vase available in Canada

Toreutics Flower & Bird On Vase HC-2246

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Weight: 1 kg

Material: Copper

Origination: Handmade in Isfahan / Iran

Available in Ontario, Toronto


This product is a precious instance of Persian metalwork adorned with unique motifs of flowers and birds. This type of artwork, known as Ghalam Zani, represents a significant aspect of Persian cultural heritage. The intricated designs and meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating such pieces highlight the skill and dedication of the artisans. This Decorative vase, with its elegant form and detailed engravings, is a testament to traditional Persian art's enduring appeal.

Toreutics Flower & Bird on Vase

The Flower & Bird On Vase creation involves choosing metals like copper, brass, or silver. The metal is shaped into a vase, and then artisans engrave intricate flower and bird patterns with precision and artistic vision. The engravings create a dynamic play of light and shadow, bringing the design to life.


The traditional Persian art of engraving, called GhalamZani, is a highly intricate and time-consuming process that demands exceptional precision and artistic insight. The technique commences with carefully selecting metal, including copper, brass, silver, or gold. The metal surface is then meticulously prepared before the design is delicately sketched. Using specialized tools, the craftsman meticulously carves the design, resulting in a delicate interplay of light and shadow that imbues the scene with vitality.

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1 Kg
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1 Reviews

Before I bought it, it seemed very heavy, but now I see that its very suitable
By Charlotte on 07/06/2024

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