enamel decorative vase
enamel vase handmade
minakari pot
minakari vase home decor
enamel decorative vase
enamel vase handmade
minakari pot
minakari vase home decor

Persian Minakari Luxury Pot/Vase HC-316

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Minakari Luxury Pot

Glazed Hand Painting on Copper Pot

Size: 20 cm

Material: Copper

Weight: 280 gr

Color: Blue

Usage: Home / Home-office / office Decorative


Combining pottery handicrafts with other arts can give more beautiful effects to the products of this art. Combining enamel with velvet-covered wooden boxes can make it a very elegant gift.

Persian Enamel Unique Vase HC-316 Top Sale

Since enameling is also very popular these days for promotional gifts, this sample of Minakari luxury Pot hand crafted item can be a very suitable and elegant option for promotional and organizational gifts. This product has a 20 cm minakari copper vase that is placed inside a wooden box with a velvet cover. This box has a sliding glass lid from which it is possible to see the enamel vase.

luxury decorative pot

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7.87 inch (20 cm)
280 gr
Persian Blue
Minakari (Enamel)
1 Reviews

Persian Minakari luxury pot/vase is pretty good. It is the best choice for those who love Persian handmade decorative pots.
By Christopher on 07/23/2022

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