Machine-woven Artificial Silk Vintage Rug Rc-198 full view
Machine-woven Artificial Silk Vintage Rug Rc-198 back view
Machine-woven Artificial Silk Vintage Rug Rc-198 side view
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Machine-woven Artificial Silk Vintage Rug Rc-198 full view
Machine-woven Artificial Silk Vintage Rug Rc-198 back view
Machine-woven Artificial Silk Vintage Rug Rc-198 side view

Machine-Made 4'X7' Grey Vintage Rug RC-118

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Machine-woven carpet RC-118

No fluffing & Anti-allergy 

Length: 7' 6.48" (230 cm) / Width: 4' 11.04" (150 cm)

Longitudinal density: 3600 density

Transverse density: 700 shaneh

Note: The number of weft yarns per meter of carpet length is called the longitudinal density. The number of knots per square meter of the carpet's width is called the transverse density. The higher the transverse and longitudinal density of the carpet, the more durable the carpet is.


You can set this machine-woven 4'X7'  vintage rug in the interior decoration of the home with grey furniture. Also, if you want, you can set the colour of the carpet and the curtain colour of your house together, in which case a special charm will be given to the interior decoration of the home.

Machine-woven 4'X7'  artificial silk grey Vintage rug RC-118 in home decoration

Grey Vintage carpet is a carpet in which the predominant colour is grey, which can be woven as a simple or patterned monochrome, which is usually woven in a modern, classic, or traditional way. Classic carpets are derived from original Iranian designs, among the most famous of which are Afshan, Lachak Toranji, and Kheshti carpets, which are usually woven symmetrically.

Modern carpets are one of the new designs in the machine carpet industry that breaks the boundaries of symmetry and most of the high density and reeds machine carpets are woven as vintage (old-fashioned carpets) which were used in European countries at the beginning of these designs. But today, in addition to domestic sales, most Arab countries also use these designs. 

Carpets with modern and neutral colours such as silver carpets, metal carpets, grey carpets are a great choice for use in modern decoration. Modern and stylish colours are widely used in interior design, and the most important advantage of these 4X7 carpets is that they can be easily set with any type of decoration, and this will help you decide to change the decoration. after a while. You do not need to change the carpet and you can easily make significant changes by changing your home appliances.

machine woven vintage carpet Rc-198

Due to the neutrality of grey carpets, these carpets can be set with the main colours such as white and black. If you use white or black furniture and curtains in your home and you want to make your decoration more visible, use grey carpets to harmonize your decoration.

It should be noted that excessive use of grey color in the decoration of the space dulls, we suggest you use a warm color theme to create a sense of freshness and happiness next to it.

The reasons for using the grey colour of machine-woven rug RC-118

  • Ease of using grey colour in combination with other colours in home decoration.

  • Use neutral grey colour to create a delicate atmosphere by taking advantage of the psychological effects of this colour.

  • Use light colours in combination with grey to create a relaxing atmosphere at home.
~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
Medium Rugs
3600 density
Home Decoration
Weaving Type
1 Reviews

AMAZING rug for the price!
By TagYoureItJewelry on 11/07/2021

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