wooden Wall Light Art Deco Wall Sconce
wooden Wall Light Art Deco Wall Sconce - globes
wooden Wall Light Art Deco Wall Sconce
wooden Wall Light Art Deco Wall Sconce - globes

Wooden Wall Light Sconce ID-503

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Body Material: Wood & Glass

Color: Brown

Number of Flames: 2

Weight: 1.95 Kg

Size: 13.38* 7.87* 18.50 in

Height: 13.38 in

Easy to Clean


Wooden Wall Light Sconce ID-503's Properties

Using wood and glass together in the design of wall lights is a creative work among many crystal and metal wall lamps. Using wood will increase the work's delicacy and significantly reduce the product's weight.

The products of this company have a suitable design and are made of baked wood to resist moisture.

The ID-503 wood wall light is a product of CyrusCrafts woodcarving specialists.
The wood wall Lamp of this design is produced in the form of two flames.

wooden Wall Light Art Deco Wall Sconce - lateral view

It is usable in

The design of this model is taken from the stairs and columns of Persepolis and uses this model as a bedside lamp for bedrooms, an art deco wall sconce light for living rooms, an art deco wall light for hallways, etc. You can use it in any creative interior.

Initial construction

Because this product has a wooden body, it is lightweight, making it easy for the user to install this wall Light.

The tulips of this model are downward and have a good light distribution. You can save electricity by providing LED lamps for this model.

In addition to providing ambient light, wall light gives it a lot of beauty. To enjoy the right light, you should pay attention to the area of the environment and consider the number of flames.

13.38* 7.87* 18.50 Inches
1950 gr
1 Reviews

I Love Woodcarving
By Wood Lover on 07/10/2022

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