Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light
Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light - details
Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light
Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light - details

Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light ID-598

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Material: Brass

Color: Golden

Weight: 1 kilogram

Size: 7.87* 11.81 Inches

Height: 11.81 in

Number of Flames: 1

Completely Washable


Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light ID-598

Due to the high color quality and good light distribution with modern design, you can use this model in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms or ceremonial halls, or wherever you need it. In designing of ID-598, we have used the utmost which is why this wall light is suitable for small rooms with ordinary decoration. This wall lamp can be used to provide light for small spaces or places that do not need much light. To light this modern wall light, you should use an E14 lamp.

Gold Brass Wall Sconce Light - dimensions

Initial construction

The material of the branches of the chandelier is brass metal, which is covered with the highest quality bronze plating and the best raw materials have been used in its preparation.
This plating properly covers the entire surface of the chandelier and makes the branches shine more.
Elegance has been used and the necessary precision in the process of making this wall lamp has given remarkable beauty to the product.
The bronze plating of this product is of high quality, so It has no color change after a while.


Be careful not to use chemical fluid to clean the plated parts, otherwise, the chandelier will change color. A Dusting wall lamp with a water-soaked cloth is the best way.

7.87* 11.81* 11.81 Inches
1 KG
House, Bedrooms, Hall
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