wood chair with rug upholstery
unique chair with rug fabric
unique chair with handwoven rug - backward
unique chair with handwoven rug
wood chair with rug upholstery
unique chair with rug fabric
unique chair with handwoven rug - backward
unique chair with handwoven rug

Unique Chair with Persian Rug Upholstery ID-1508

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Body Material: Wood

Clothing Material: Persian Handwoven Rug

Seater Number: One Seater

Body Color: Brown

Colors: Multicolor (Red, Blue, Persian Plum. Yellow, Dark Blue)

Completely Washable

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Product ID: کد محصول


The modern chair you see is a unique model of which the artist has made only one sample. It has fascinating details, which we want to describe in this article briefly. Please stay with CyrusCrafts' creative interiors.
modern chair with handwoven rug upholstery

Modern chair with Persian handwoven Rug

  • Is it unique? Yes, of course! We have made only one sample of this chair with this unique red rug, but if you want, we can produce some others according to your taste. For example, suppose you prefer a Persian blue carpet. In that case, the CyrusCrafts interior design professional team is ready to make a blue one of these beautiful chairs for you.
  • What are its applications? This modern chair has a comfortable seat thanks to its ergonomic design and soft, handwoven rug. So you can use it in any contemporary interior design, just like a TV room recliner. This unique chair is suitable for classic interior design, wooden house interior, boutique interior design, organic modern interior design, and so on. According to interior design professionals, such unique handmade items make elegant interiors.
  • Is it modern or classic? Persian handwoven carpets have a thousand years of history; with such a multicolored pattern, we can call them classic items. Now that a handmade rug is on a modern chair, it could be a modern chair too. So it is a modern classic interior design element or a vintage interior design item.

Here you've got all information about the ID-1500; you can visit our other handmade furniture sets and order from anyone you like. We are ready to give you services all around the world. 

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Seater Number
Frame Material
Handwoven Rug
4 Reviews

I just can't believe this piece of art is a practical seat. I think it should be hold in an art gallery as a masterpiece.
By Nill on 06/23/2024

I've never seen anything like this before.
By Sarah on 01/09/2023

By Jessi on 08/22/2022

Tis rug seat is awesome.
By Jessi on 08/14/2022

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